Neighbors Day

The Farsi have invited all their neighbors for hot-dogs. Sadly, all the guests came with empty hands, though it seems they meant to bring some food… Which would have been nice, because not everybody appreciated the hot-dogs… So, OKay, now everyone will have a lemon pie at the Lanoix. And the coffee at the Desfranges. The ice-cream truck guy will be disappointed to not sell anything today! :p

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  2. kimmiessimmies said: Brilliant idea as always!
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    I love all of the neighbors of Sandy. The Storys are brilliant and when I´ve see that she have pictures or Storys post....
  4. ice-creamforbreakfast said: Delicious plates of thin air! Adèle doesn’t seem to be enjoying her hotdogs!
  5. icy-spicy-scalpel said: Bad mannered guests not bringing any food!
  6. mariesimblr said: Is it a part of update for Around the Sims? I’m a big fan of your stories and non-stories.:)
  7. simsaralove said: I LOVE these pictures! Sims EVERYWHERE, yay!!! And what a great way for the Farsis to meet everyone!
  8. melanijann said: Such a big dinner party, they must have cooked a lot of hot dogs!
  9. aurna said: I love your community get together’s - so full of life and everyone looks busy. <3