Summer Rock Festival!

  1. The Hot Wings, a teen band coming directly from Honeycomb Valley! (Kim’s game)
  2. Maria Hayes, guest star from Bimlico! (Sara’s game)
  3. Les Pierres qui Roulent, famous rock band from Sandy Valley (my game! :p)
  4. the audience (featuring Tito’s Emily Saint-James!)
  5. Mick and Keith, guitar player’s twins. It can be quite exhausting to be the kids of a rock star! ;D
  1. kimmiessimmies said: YAYYYYYYYYY!!! OMG I’m soooo so so SO excited about this! Amazing! Hi James, hi Seth, hi Dan, hi Sadie, hi Soph! Sooo happy!!!
  2. simsaralove said: *squueeee* This is fantastic! And what a backdrop for rock concerts!
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    I am such a proud mom!!! My Maria looks amazing in your game, Sandy! She looks a little shy, but I’m sure she rocked the...
  4. melanijann said: I love your neighborhood parties! And that’s such a good idea having guest stars from other games.
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