The “Ikea” house & family

You might know from my ATS3 update that a new family is moving in town, and that I’ve decided to mesh some Ikea furniture to decorate their house. I thought it would be fun if you knew them a bit more. :)

The house: it’s super lovely, isn’t it? It’s my darling Sara who built it for Kim, for her Canal district but I stole it too because it was SO perfectly fitting with my own Canal district! I love that the house is like two houses. It’s perfect for a large family!

The Family: Let’s meet the Zebrinska! You might know some of them already, as I’ve downloaded many of them from Simblrs!

Ilona (originally “Melissa”, by Phyre, with a bio partially inspired by Phyre’s Sim one): Ilona has always wanted to be a ballerina dancer and she used to be a reat one. Even when she became pregnant. Everybody was telling her it was the death of her career, but she managed to dance again after Edyta’s birth. Then, life stroke again and she got injured. She couldn’t dance again. Depressed (Edyta’s father was gone long time ago), she left with her baby girl in the high mountains of Chang Simla. She has lived there several years, she learnt meditation and found serenity. Someday, she felt ready to come back to dance. She might not be the greatest ballerina dancer again, but she would teach other little girls to be.

Edyta (teen version of Alex's Sim): Edyta isn’t very mentally stable… Some would even say she’s crazy, and teenagehood certainly doesn’t help.

Mo (teen version of Phyre's Sim): Mo was one of these orphan street kids who was playing with Edyta, in the high mountains of Chang Simla. He was constantly at Ilona’s little house, and Edyta was considering him as her brother, so Ilona adopted him when she decided to leave Chang Simla. Quiet and serious, he’s actually the best stability factor for Edyta.

Piotr (based on SimmySimSam's Jethro Tull, that I have aged up, and made so much less sexy than the original!): Piotr works in funeral business, but he’s also a virtuoso. It’s at a classical concert that he met Ilona. She was so different of all the women he could have met before. She was screaming for life while he was living with death. He couldn’t not falling in love with her.

Matylda: Ilona’s and Piotr’s little darling.

Nathanaëlle:  After Matylda’s birth, Ilona felt so blessed that she wanted to give more love to less lucky kids, and she and Piotr adopted Nathanaëlle. That rebellious kid had never found any home before, and she will have to get used to this large family, ready to love her. She might not be easy to tame.

Pfeww, sorry, it was long!!

The family doesn’t live yet in my town because, well, they only have a kitchen and a bathroom, so far (as you know! :p). Hopefully, they’ll move in sim-september. 

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