Sandy Valley Bus Station

I would have liked my town having a train station, as I’m definitively more a train person than bus or plane, or whatever, but I didn’t know how to do that with Sunset Valley map while I was fiddling with it, so when my Sims began to need a spot to leave the town for holidays, or to welcome new Sims, I made a bus station instead. They can eventually drive till Bridgeport from where they can take a plane to Sunlit Tides… oh wait… I’m not sure Bridgeport in on that continent. Well… Anyway!

The lot is rather tiny, and has only a tickets office, with the lovely Kate (ts3Kate). She really enjoys welcoming tourists in town, but she tends to cry when my Sims leave the town for a trip. Yeah, really! :D

There’s also a tiny shop where Sims can buy newspapers, a sandwich or a snack from the vending machines. Kim (kimjimbob) works there.

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